How do you get around to everything on your checklist? I never seem to have the the endurance!

Salvador O.
Sometimes I don't either. But what has helped me is that on those days, my motivation and desire to make a better way propels me forward to get it all (or at least the majority of it done). If I don't get everything done, that is okay with me, as I know that completing something on my list is an accomplishment. Hope that helps.
Melanie J.
One thing that I’ve found helps me is to make my checklist reasonable. Don’t set more tasks for yourself than you have time to complete. Also, take breaks when you need to, but keep track of the time. For example, a good study session might involve 20 minutes of focus followed by by a five minute break. Timers can help with that. Splitting bigger tasks down to smaller, more manageable tasks can also help. For example: instead of “write essay,” create a checklist based off an outline of the essay. Also, sometimes it helps to complete the big task first, and other times it helps to finish the smaller ones first. Whichever helps keep you more motivated. Also remember you’re reason for doing those things. Remember your purpose. It may also help to set small rewards for yourself. Also when you make your checklist, maybe split it into “need to dos” and “if I have the chance to dos” so you can focus on the tasks that are of higher priority without getting distracted by smaller things as easily. Hope these help!
Magnus P.
I make a list and prioritize.
I do at least one of the easiest most important
And congratulate myself for my small accomplishment by resting(ie reading, meditation, nap, a sitcom)

Then maybe you’ll have the energy for the next smallest thing.

I also like to schedule my bigger tasks and dedicate my to do for that one task.

Many small tasks= one large/challenging task