How should I prioritize my to-do list?

Nevaeh W.
I usually prioritize the hard tasks first, then I sort by importance. I also pay a lot of attention to my energy levels. I tend to have more energy first thing in the morning so I tackle my more intense tasks then. In the evening I tend to feel more creative, so that’s when I work on art. I would keep that in mind when writing a to do list
Baptiste Q.
I would categorise to-do lists based on category (work, personal, project, misc,etc), and assign a priority, so the overwhelming to-do list becomes more bite-sized manageable lists and you get to see progress.
Enrique A.
Think about what you NEED to do first. If something is due tomorrow, that's a top priority. Choose every item accordingly.
C Lestin O.
It’s ok to just purge your mind first. My thoughts get disorganized and sometimes I just have to write everything down. After that, I like to sort with ‘to do’, places I need ‘to go’, things I need to research, and purchases I need to make. Separating these makes it clear what is priority/time sensitive. It also can be helpful in mapping a route for errands if you have to leave the house for some of your list!
Benedikt W.
Based on deadline and amount of effort. I tend to do the hardest thing first then move to easier tasks to keep myself going