Do you set deadlines on your to do list? When I see something is overdue (for a self-imposed deadline) sometimes it makes me procrastinate even more.

Lucas Z.
Hi, if I have a deadline (a real deadline), I add it to my ToDo at the end of my entry (e.g. « prepare fruit salad DL: 14/08 »). At first this task may be a C task, then become a B-task as the date gets nearer, then an A-task. If I have left it to the last minute, it becomes a A!-task. These are the tasks I <must> complete today. Obviously, keeping that list to a maximum of 3 is essential, or the system just crumbles. HTH & good luck with procrastination (it’s one of my self-control hijackers too!)
Louis O.
Same for me! But without a deadline or goal it also takes so much longer for me to do something… what to do, what to do…
Noah W.
what i do is i break my tasks into smaller and simpler parts and spread them out over several days so they’re manageable and less intimidating. i always try to at least start on them before the deadline so even if they become overdue in the end, i’m less likely to be unmotivated because subconsciously, “finishing” something is less scary than “starting” something.
Paige Z.
I do set deadlines on my to-do list! I am the same way – when I see something overdue I procrastinate event more, I feel guilty and embarrassed. I review my to-do list each night before going to bed, and I pick one or two “must do” items for the next day that I know I will have time in schedule to get done. So when I see them pop up on my alerts the next day (I set reminders) I am rejuvenated! And think yes! I know I have time now and I can get this done! I am a huge procrastinator and it’s a work in progress but I have seen a big difference in accomplishing at least these 1-2 tasks each day when I schedule them.
Denny H.
I don't often use deadlines, but do try to stick to tackling the worst job first each day. I save less mentally demanding jobs for the afternoon when I am more likely to be tiring or need to be active. I do review my To Do list at the end of the day and carry jobs over to the following day as necessary.
Jesus E.
Sometimes I set deadlines. When there is something due for school or work, I’ll put it in my calendar. But when it’s something that is for me and I’m not accountable to others, then I’m less likely to set a deadline
Thea C.
Yes, when i see i missed the deadline I dont want to admit that to myself and i keep ignoring the task from that point on