Do you block time in your calendar for to-dos or just keep a list?

Nicklas C.
I block time in my calendar for "work" and then that is the time I use to execute my to do list. I do not block time for every single task, just some time to work.
Thea Z.
I usually just do a list except when I know I will need to focus completely on one task that will need undivided attention
Clara P.
Depends on the task. If it is an absolute priority & must be done, then I block the time in my calendar to ensure I don’t book a meeting or something else. Due dates are blocked as appointments. If the task is a priority and my day is flexible, it goes into a task list for the day or week. If it’s a to do that is not a high priority, it goes on a list on my office white board to be worked in as time permits.
Anthony E.
Mostly, no. I write down the 3 biggest things I need to do for the day and events with times. This is because if I say "I'll do it at such and such time" and something comes up before then, this means I had time to get it done and instead procrastinated it. Also, I'm taking online college courses and not working so my schedule is exceedingly flexible. Usually I do put "work" as a to-do and not an event because when I get home and feel exhausted I don't get much else done, but at least I accomplished one to-do
Cida A.
If I have a task that must be completed at a certain time or by a certain time the entry will reflect that, but for the most part however I keep a running list of to do-s for the day.

If I know I must get certain things taken care of that day and I have several items to account for, I will create a schedule for my list, doing so also helps me determine how realistic my list is.

I find that I am still working on making a more realistic schedule, but even if the list is too long, it allows me to visualize how I see my time- mentally.

Hans Herbert U.
I do both. Very important tasks I block dedicated time for it in my schedule. Other less urgent tasks are in a list. I generally will also block off 30 minutes to an hour to tackle that list.
Stacey T.
Yes, every morning I do a list for the day and every first day of the month I do a list of essentials for the month ahead
Julie P.
I generally do both. A list for what has to be done sometime during the day and using the calendar for meetings or events happening at a given time.