What do you do when you don’t finish something you had on your list for the day? Do you motivate yourself to try and finish it, or lightly scold yourself for scoping incorrectly? I would love there to be some sort of reward or consequence to help me scope my daily to-do list correctly and improve my adherence.

Le Ncio E.
I haven’t failed to complete a habit or ritual yet, but I am still very early in the game. What I’ve done in the past when I have a goal is to have a reward of some sort that I will go and get once I’ve completed the goal! Hope this helps!
Nino S.
With my to do list I follow Fabulous so I have a list of things I would like to do ‘sometime’ and I try to decide if they are ‘urgent’ or ‘important’ or just ‘nice if I can find time’ . Each day I select three tasks either I must do (eg shuffle finances to avoid overdraft fee) or that would make me happy . (Call my best friend to fix a date) I then select ONE of the three that must be done come what may. At the end of the day when I review I will not tick completed on Fabulous if I haven’t done the one important task – this makes me very motivated to do it. The rest it’s great if I have done all three identified tasks but if I haven’t I migrate them to the next day. I have acted on them and made a decision – so I feel ok about that. Sometimes if tasks get being shifted forwards I reflect on them and even move them to ‘nice to do but maybe not necessary’ Be gentle on yourself 7 big tasks completed in a week is great progress in my view. 😇
Peggy F.
I have this problem all the time. I always put too much on and never really finish everything. I guess I don’t think about it much at the end of the day (so I feel like I don’t really have an answer to your question) because I’m usually just exhausted and fall asleep. The next day, however, I stare at the old to do list. I used to transfer everything left over from yesterday onto today’s list automatically, but then I realized it sucked the joy out of my day and out of creating my to do list for the day. And sometimes those tasks just weren’t so important to begin with so now I rarely transfer over old tasks (unless it’s something pressing of course). Don’t know if that helped but I definitely can relate to what you wrote about!