Does anyone use Bullet Journeling or another similar method? If so, do you find it helpful or better to keep things simple?

Martha A.
Yes, this is my third year using a bullet journal. Really useful to track habits and keep to do lists as well as ensuring I regularly review them all.
Julius X.
I do bullet journaling. I like it better than a regular to-do list because it gives me a bigger view of what needs to be accomplished and by when. With a simple to do list, I end up just ignoring the things I need to do until the deadline hits me.
Leszek F.
It's truly a personal preference, but in my experience, the simpler you can keep something, the easier it is to maintain the habit, even enjoy it. Others, however, thrive on complexity. So, really, you have to give a few methods a try and see what suits you the best.