I’m having an issue with following through on my tasks for the day, how can I help that?

Mair C.
One of the ways that I overcame this issue is by scheduling the tasks on my calendar. At any given time, I can see what I should be doing and what I have to do next. Since my calendar is electronic, I get notifications that remind me what I should be working on.
Betina R.
As a student, failing to follow up on my tasks happens fairly often to me. This is because I always do it in the same spot. For example I always do my homework on my desk (obviously). But after some time I get more and more distracted because i’m so used to the same space. What helps me is switching it up every time I feel like i’m getting too much off track. I either move my work to the kitchen table or I go to a nice and quiet spot in the library. I don’t know what it is but changing my location for doing work gives me a sense of a „fresh start“ and helps me refocus on my goals for the day.
Frederik W.
Eerst jezelf herrinneren dat het niet moet of erg is, streef erna is al mooi, heb zelf hiermee andere doelen behaald ook van fabulous
Ferdinand F.
Not sure how much of a surefire way this is… I had the same issue and resolved it by evaluating the previous day with an emoticon. Either 🙂 on a day when I did all the tasks, or a 🙁 when I did miss even one. I still recall the awesome feeling writing down that smiley face for the first time, after that I started craving for streaks of smiley faces.
Ernestine Z.
It’s really NOT that easy. I’m a NeuroPsychiatrist nd I’ve seen this much too often. Please takennkrice to what imnangWe have alerts to tell us when we need to be somewhere, when to meet a cab, when to call people, when to buy stuff, when to sleep, and all the other million alerts on top of fabulous. I don’t even check to look at most of my alerts because I already have them memorized, and that where the laziness kicks in.
DECLUTTER all your alerts! Choose a time in the morning to make your todo lists and stop desensitizing your brain to actual goal reminders like fabulous has. That’s all you pretty much need! You can cover all your tasks and start forming habits when you realize that the alert coming fro your phone isn’t a memorized one, but an actual alert to open fabulous. This app is a godsend. START OFF TINY! You’ll want to add 15 tasks for your morning routing, DONT! Start with one simple task for a few days (just build up your confidence) then add more over time.
…Now with those previous incessant alerts washing away those buried important tasks you can train your brain to to have a more active response to the stimulus of the alert and will have a bigger influence on you. Tonact on it. Sllnlpllll.! If you ehat out. that.
Julia Q.
A starting point to reflect could be the number of tasks that you have given yourself. Usually it’s not advisable to have more than one to two big tasks and one to two small ones. By keeping the number small you will not exhaust your energy for the day and keep your expectations realistic.
Another trick that helped me was to add little rewards to the tasks. Nothing big just something that can lighten up your daily life. Something simple like 10 mins of music and your favorite cup of tea. In this way the happiness of having completed the task will be enhanced by another gratification .
The point is to feel happiness and you will get there by appreciating the moment and completing your tasks step by step. 🙂