I would like to know how other people feel about writing something that might not be followed through all the time?

El A A.
I think it’s still helpful to write about things you want and need to do, because even though you might not follow through every time, it still a good self reminder
Garance Z.
I think sometimes when I write stuff to do, I thought that that was important at the time. I start out the previous evening writing advertensie that I think I should be doing. Then I start prioritizing them in numbers e. g. 1 to 10. Then the next morning I look at it again. List 3 most important from the list them set out to do those first.. When that is done, you can tackle some of the rest.
Celina I.
Funny this came up. Write it down anyway!!! Can’t stress this enough. It doesn’t matter if you don’t reach it when you say you would. What matters, in that time of your life, you saw a different for you. And maybe you didn’t calculate the exact time but everyone has their own time.
I’m glad I keep writing everything down. I just found some goals from a few years ago. Proud to say I could cross one of them off. Just because it was a few years ago doesn’t mean it has less significance. It’s the life you have always wanted.
Karla P.
Doing something is always better than doing nothing. e.g. goal is to exercise 3 times a week, but you only did once. One time is still better than zero! Just try to follow through as often as you can.
Paula O.
I think as long as you have in mind is a start to do the change even though it might change through time. Life is full of surprises and we must be prepared and adjust. Its hard to have control of everything
Antonio F.
The act of writing out the plan is a tool for focusing. It's not about fixating on the list and what does and doesn't get done. It's about using the tool to help focus. It's also less about the individual day and list, and more about the habit and its benefits.
Jim J.
I don’t feel that bad. After all, we are all human and it’s a part of common humanity. I’m not a total robot even though I believe humans can be programmed. I think it’s ok, even good, not being able to follow up on your intention or word sometimes. It’s ok not being able to give your best once in a while when you don’t feel like it. It’s life and we’re more than our commitments or flaws.

Plus, I have zero intention of becoming the next Jeff Bezos or Marie Curie. I’m an average Jane Doe and I don’t want more than that. I just want to try to be better version of myself and I don’t care the destination as much as I care about the journey. It’s alright I can’t follow everything I commit to as long as I’m not putting others in a tough position.