How do you set up your to-do list and what items do not make the cut?

Judith W.
I make mine with bullet points for the week. I put anything that I struggle with remembering daily, to rare tasks that I need to make time for. For example:

Take out recycling
Take out garbage
Load dishwasher
Cut veggies for salads

Clean out car
Call Insurance
Empty dishwasher
Portion veggies into salads for the week

I try to be as specific as possible, so that every little action feels like an accomplishment and I don't feel like I didn't do anything that day.
I also am careful how I word tasks. If the task is "Do dishes", I'm not doing it. If it says "Load/empty dishwasher" or some variance if you don't own a dishwasher, then I'll think "Oh I just have to wash few dishes, or just put some away" and it doesn't feel like a whole production.

Bertram E.
I think of my daily todos as to parts. One is a list of all the things that are on my plate. The large list allows me me to to get an aerial view of what needs done. Once that list is created I select what I would like to get done today and the top 3. Top three are the most important. They're the ones where I shouldn't lay my head down at the end of the day unless the three tasks are completed. When the next day rolls around I look at my large list and I add to do's if anything came up the day befor. Then I pull my dailies from it again. The cycle keeps repeating. It is important to remember that everyone's different and what works for me may not work for you. Keep an innovative mindset on how to work day today. If you fail at your to do's look at what habits maybe keeping you from doing the to do list or if the to do list structure itself doesn't click.
Felix E.
I put down thing like work stuff or read books or repeat my Spain’s on a daily basis and you can put what ever you want down it up to u
Cl Mentine O.
I try to get a balance of the urgent and the important. Also, don't get distracted by the false urgency, put on you by other people. Once I've written down the 2 or 3 truly urgent things, I can gauge how much energy or time I would have lef tv in the day and add appropriate amounts of important but not urgent items.
Alfred G.
I find it more effective to write my to do list on the paper. I also ise highlight pens to sort the improtance of the task.