How do you make sure periodic/routine tasks get accomplished?

Tara Q.
I make previous preparations to do that. When I’m preparing myself it’s about 50% of the task done. It’s telling myself “I will do that, because I want to”
Jules O.
I had to make a priority. My question everyday is how bad do I want to become better.

Change your habits, will change your life

Ramna G.
I don't. I'm recovering from 9 concussions in 16 months. Therefore every single day is different. For those with TBIs, we have the most energy in the morning and then suddenly wear out late in the day. I have been struggling to go through the mail for 5 months and to file out of network claims with my insurance company. Finally I've recovered enough to start on them. When I'm in the mood, and have the energy, I'll force myself just to start and usually right now this leads to overwhelming sense of all the things that are involved and I stop in my tracks. This is my biggest current struggle. Although we (advisors, doctors, spouse) are pushing me to focus on metta, I believe strongly the second biggest priority is dealing with insurance and mail. Paperwork. It's like avoiding homework and not showing up for the test. And getting an F. But I have excuses and pages from doctors saying this needs to be tolerated for a while.
Currently the focus is on keeping myself safe and not draining my energy too much so I set out small goals in steps and then see if I can do them.
Elenara A.
I effectively dangle a carrot in front of myself, such as a short time on Facebook/Ted-ed talk/coffee. I get several habits/tasks/jobs done & acknowledge them on the Fabulous app in 1 go to play a song beforehand!
Lewis E.
I try to get them done in a certain order every day to keep on track. Sometimes things pop up that just make it impossible to do everything. And that’s OK too, we are fallible and it’s a good thing. HTH.
Jamie F.
Planning, either start your day with looking at your schedule and planning in what you want to accomplish or do it the night before. When you plan in a workout you're more likely to actually preform it. Hope that this someone
Victoria X.
I will create a strong cue to start the task
I will design the environment accordingly to make the habit easier to do.
I will start with the tiny version of the habit and scale it slowly.
I will appreciate myself when I complete the task
I will track my progress daily