How often should I review my entire to-do list?

Luke E.
As often as you need to for your mind to feel at ease that you aren’t forgetting something important. I review and modify my daily list several times a day. My bigger list gets reviewed every Sunday to make sure that the coming week I’ll be focused on the most important things.
Ferdinand F.
Every day. If it becomes too much, shorten it to a manageable list you can check every other day or once a week aafter it becomes a habit.
Amalie E.
I review my to do list several times a day! I challenge myself at times to review it, complete it, and mark things off the list before my alarm goes off. Some things just become so much easier when made into a game/challenge!
Kay T.
I should review it daily but mine is long so maybe I should move the non- urgent items to another spot for tracking.
I review and rewrite my entire to do about once a week.
Valentina P.
I cannot answer for you but I can tell you what I do. I use the app “things” and that allows me to prioritize my to do items and even schedule them. I review my “today” list every morning.
Esther E.
I would say once a week is good. You ask yourself what you want to accomplish this month. Then break it down to weekly in order to accomplish the goal, wego much you need to work on weekly and how. Then break it down to daily. Remember, you start from goal. Then you don't have to overwhelmed