Any ideas on how to keep a list for the personal parts of your life? For me, it works at work, but as soon as I’m home I lose it.

Jacqueline Z.
I write a to do list every evening in Wunderlist. I check all day long if im not forgetting. If i do, its okay. Tomorrow is a new day.
Karolina Q.
I always carry a backpack with notebook with me. I always just put it on a desk so I can easily scribble stuff down or cross them off.
Ella W.
Calendar blocking is a useful tool for all aspects of your life. I choose a colour for each part of my life (work,school, social events). Then, for each area ask: What are the things I have to do? How long will they take? And when will I do them. Block them into your calendar using your colour coding.
Isobel E.
I have a file cabinet labeled with all parts of my life like cellphone Bill's in one folder car insurance in another folder that will organize the Bill's as far as needing to remember personal things that need to be done I keep lists I. My phone of what I want to do I look at them as goals when I complete one I check it off if not it rolls over to the next day use your phone for what it's worth mine has a pen that can write on the screen very handy I also make my lists at like 2am when I am awake and thinking about about what needs to be done a notepad and paper works good too keep it in your purse at all times and make it small so not so heavy
Marcia C.
I have an agenda that I use for that, and in general I also do it at work, but when I get home I open the agenda again, that's my time, the time to do everything I plan or just read what I want.
Leszek Z.
Yes, I was having a very difficult time with this as I run a business out of my home. I use 2 different planner journals. I have found and love Daily Greatness I have been using them for years!! It has been huge in seperating my tasks and I no longer walk around trying to figure out what normal people do when not at work!!!
Villads A.
I have a journal … bullet journal where I keep all my list with personal things : to do’s, to buy, to see, to read, habit tracker … everything
Silas U.
It doesn't have to be a long list. It just has to be achievable initially then you get the positive reinforcement. I make a list of things I am for sure going to do and have slowly added things that I want to be motivated to do.
Licete A.
I color code my list in the following categories – work, personal, self care, family, kids needs, husbands needs. I also use a planner called mindful productivity that helps prioritize this large list