What type of things to you put on your to-do list? Do you have blocks of time in your weekly/daily schedule for to-do list items?

Dawid A.
Normally, I don’t put blocks of time for various tasks. I find them a little bit distracting and demotivating, especially when something important comes up in the meantime. Furthermore, I find it difficult to allocate an appropriate amount of time for a specific time. In the end Im focusing on how much time I have left to do sth rather than on that specific task.
Behrou N.
I write every single responsibility that I have. For example helping my brother for his exam and so on.
Additionally I write my classes that I have on the next day.
Beside them I write my routines even they are too simple such as take shower or clean up my room on etc.
But the top of all I write my plan for study since I am student and i should study hard.
Actually I do not consider any time block but I promise myself that do all the items.