Do you have an every day to-do list?

Francis G.
Hello! Yes I do have one now. Mixing work and personal to do’s. I’m doing it every evening and it gives peace of mind 🙂
Christine W.
Yes … I definitely do it's less I have to think about and my written planner and to do list is much better than putting it in my phone !! Old school is much much better and am not old 😁
Freja Z.
Yes, I usually have 6 items to do every day (eventually want to work up to 10). I plan the night before hand. I reassess them and compromise if need be.
Janos Z.
I do have tasks recorded and organized but I find myself so overwhelmed that some days I don’t even check my list. I almost can’t handle how many things are on there or that I haven’t vacuumed in severa days and kept up on my chores.
Tim J.
Yes, I divide it in personal e work assignments. And I check them when done thru the day. I prepare them the night before. I also have monthly and weekly to-dos with more generic assignments
Michelle U.
Yes it helps to keep perspective of what needs to be done. When I am really busy I do every day ones but when I have more flexibility I tend to do weekly ones.