How do you stick with writing a to-do list every day? How do you manage to complete all the tasks on your to-do list?

Tyler F.
I have a very busy life with so many things pending, that I started writing a to do list for everything. To encourage me even more, I bought an agenda where I could jot down monthly, weekly, and daily things, from things to clean, who to message / call, what to buy, write the budget, and other notes. I kept practicing daily to write everything down since I would forget things if I didn’t. There’s so many things to do that I don’t finish them all in one day, but I’ve learned to accept that it’s okay to continue them the next day, and I make sure to write them down as well.
Diana U.
I know that finding the 3 to 5 most important things helps me to focus on priorities. I do not finish my full longer list every day but I keep up with what ia due and then can get to others as the main prioroties are complte
Melanie G.
It helps if you have a specific place that you write you list every day – the same pad of paper kept in the same place with the same pen out in the open where you will always see it. I recommend making a list before you go to bed of the things you need to get done, then in the morning prioritize your list. You dont necessarily need to finish your list every day, some things will be a low enough priority that it can be done the next day. My goal has been the top 3 most important things.
Bruce C.
I will answer the second question first. I don’t finish all the tasks only to do list ever. I’m not even trying to.

What I do is in the evening before bed write down all things I would like to do the next day. Then in the morning I choose the top three and put them in priority order. I do my best to finish those three, but life is all about change. If something else becomes more important or excites me more, I may chose that over one of the three things I picked. I allso have the list from the night before and can pull things fromit in little bits of time between bigger things.

Today it was my intention to tidy the bedroom and unload, reload and run the dishwasher. However, tidying the bedroom took longer than expected and I really wanted it done. So I used all my energy for the day on that. I added in a few tasks afterwards from my list that were more sedentary (emails and such). But I have a lovely clean bedroom now and it makes me happy.

I don’t think of to do lists as rigid things any more… because I did that for years and all I got was upset that I couldn’t finish them. This works for me. There is always more I’d like to do than I can do. Good luck.