How do you differentiate between work and life when working on your Todo List?

Ida X.
Hi, I use Todoist which is a very handy app. There I tag the issues on Projects and also label them on personal and laboral. I try to set 3 personal and 3 laboral priorities per day and also set weekly priorities from both personal and laboral labels. That's what I do.
Gloria Q.
I categorize by home and work, it’s a clear cut for me. Anything home related, groceries, pets, chores go there. Work related: project deadlines, important deliverables, meetings, work hangouts, go there
Frida Z.
I use todoist for my list so I have access to it on my phone or computer. I use projects with different colour markers for work and personal goals. At the end of the work day, if I don't manage to complete work tasks I push them to the next working day so I can carry on with personal tasks without distraction.
I also always zero out my list before bed so that I know everything is done or I know it will be picked up again at another time. It helps me sleep.
Eugene U.
They are one and the same to me, so I don’t differentiate. Work is a big part of my life and so are my relationships and hobbies and even house work. Each task has the same importance.
Madate Z.
I keep separate lists. The app I use allows me to differentiate projects and each task has its own urgency and reminders. I can set it to show my work tasks or personal tasks only, according to what I need.
Debbie T.
Work is more abiut my saving aspect and my other thing to do are mire for self growth
Mabel Y.
I make 3 lists. One that's kind of a brain dump where every everything is in one place and then I go through that list and separate into work and other. Then colour coordinate jobs from easy to hard or by importance
Ralph Y.
Δεν το διαχωρίζω την προσωπική μου ζωή με τις υποχρεώσεις μου, καθώς πιστεύω πως σε μια μέρα για να κυλήσει όμορφα πρέπει να λαμβάνονται όλα υπόψη. Έτσι και εγώ προσπαθώ να προγραμματίζω όλα, με τον χρόνο που αναλογεί στην κάθε "υποχρέωση" για να ειμαι χαρούμενη!!!
Gabin E.
I create a to-do list for thw whole day and then I make several to do lists, for different thing, like bills, things I want to buy, thing I want to notice in a day, thing I want to do for myself, some of them I repead on both the main and the specific list.
Evan E.
I use two apps to write my to-do list one for work and one for life
Manuel J.
The importance of work task or life task varies from day to day. So I mostly cater to work tasks during the day and life tasks in between in pockets in the day and mostly try to do important life related stuff after waking up and before going off to bed, eg. Reading or joirnalling, etc.
Estelle E.
For me, I keep my personal to-do items in a daily planner kept at home. Work to-do items are kept in a separate notebook that stays at work. If there is a cross-over, then I'll just write it on a sticky note to take with me, or will add a reminder on the Calendar app on my phone.
Tracy Y.
I have a work notebook that I leave at work that contains only my work notes and work to dos, and my life outside of work stays in my bullet journal.