How to stay or get motivated to tackle your to-do lists when you feel overwhelmed and un-energized?

Storm Y.
A motivated mindset for me definitely depends on how much preparation i have put into a task. If i have not prepared much, and have to do a lot more work on the back end, it seems much more arduous in the moment than if i was able to give my future-self a leg up in being more prepared for the day ahead. In terms of being motivated to complete pre-task activities, i think completing these easy/time consuming things helps make a hectic day feel more productive, to check at least one thing off the list.
Beth O.
I will reevaluate my list and prioritize. I know that life happens so I have learned to simplify and not put so much on myself. I used to try to do everything in 1 day. Only finding myself stressed out and unable to complete it. Leaving me feeling like a failure. So now I usually add 3 to 5 things. After working 9 to 10 hours a day, 6 days a week, i have to. I also realized i try to control everything and never asked for help or allowed anyone to help. Not anymore. I delegate the chores and responsibilities to other household members. It's been a long road to realizing this.
Fanny C.
Honestly, I haven't figured this out completely. Right now, I'm working on my Morning and Evening Routines. I used to have issues just getting out of bed on time. This app has helped me figure out what order to do my hygiene tasks and how long each takes me, so I can leave on time for work, which has also been an issue. Before, I would get distracted (ADHD) with thoughts or unneeded tasks. I would forget to brush my hair or teeth due to distractions or time slipping up. I literally have a small brush in my car and a toothbrush at work due to this. I would forget my meds often, which sucks with Hypothyroidism and ADHD and depression/anxiety. Now, I remember everything, get it done in a timely fashion, even have time for meditation and cooking a healthy breakfast. My evening routine helps me relax before bed time and includes just 10 minutes of cleaning. My bedroom is upstairs and it looks amazing! Along with the upstairs bathroom due to this routine. I also have a starting work routine, which includes 10 minutes of cleaning and organizing my cubicle. It hasn't looked this good, this long in foooooreeeever! One of my secerts with these routines is to sprinkle fun tasks between unpleasant tasks. Like, I start my work day by drinking 8 oz of cold water and using smelly good hand lotion. Then I check my schedule and write a co-worker credit (we give out slips of paper explaining how a co-worker went above and beyond to help. When we get 10 credits, we get an exta vacation day). It feels nice to write a nice note and make someone's day every morning. In addition, I give myself a five minute creativity break between every 25 minutes of work. So, it I work for 25 minutes, I know I'll get a break to complete a sudoku puzzle, crossword puzzle, knit, sketch, or read for five minutes. I also make this 25 minutes a challenge to see how much I can get done within that time. It helps the tasks feel urgent. However, getting started has been an issue, still. Just bc I write my to-do list, doesn't mean I get it done, unfortunately.
Tilman I.
Make it more fun, into a game or listen to music while u do the tasks. Do them in a more neat place, it helps. U can do it while u watch something or eat. Do them one by one going down the list with the easier ones last to feel accomplished when ur done.
Lutz F.
Don’t worry and just move the items so you can do them next day. If it is really important and urgent you probably will have enough energy to get the job done. Keep the spirit high
Jules T.
I write down my to do list 📝and then I prioritize and highlight the ones I need to start with which is usually the most important. ‼️Sometimes I order my to do list using the acronym CURE. Critical Urgent Routine and Extra. When I feel overwhelmed I take more breaks often and meditate. Or just breathe. Do a little bit more for yourself. You’re overwhelmed for a reason and taking care of yourself first will allow you to tackle the list with more motivation. Sometimes just a quick nap 😴 is an energy booster.