Do you add to your to do list throughout the day or write one in the morning and stick completely to it?

Ruth U.
I have been trying to maintain the habit of doing the list a time one time first thing in the morning. I keep a separate list of things that pop into my head throughout the day and then refer to that each morning as write my daily list.
Villads X.
Priorities shift all the time. It’s important for me to stay flexible, especially at work, so I change my to do list if I need to. I also remember things throughout the day, so I take note of those, too.
Clair P.
Hello, what i do is Wright pout my to do list the night b4 or in morning & pretty much stick to it thru out the day…Good Luck!!
Melanie J.
I write one in the morning, but often things come to me and before I forget them again I much rather write them down. What I try to change is: stick to some arbitrary todos and do not overdo it. Better do one little thing than nothing.
Benjamin C.
Everyone is so different. I can only state my own personal situation and inclinations. Every week, I put everything I can't do this week on Monday of the following week. Same thing with items I couldn't do or finish.
Either Saturday or Sunday, depending on what's going on, I deliberately do not look at all at my book. Which holds my to do lists (plural).
Monday comes. I am working on cutting back how much time I spend, but about 15 to 30 minutes goes into reviewing the previous week, making sure undone to do's are carried over, and then parceling them out throughout the week, positioning them relative to the appointments or obligations there are each day.
I leave 5 for each day, but am happy if I do one. There's a top 3 each day but I refuse to guilt myself or be negative if I can't get it done.
So within each day I'm flexible. I get rid of everything I can't or won't do, leave 5 I might, list 3 it would be best to do, but am happy even if I do none of them because my priority, right now, is healing from TBIs and if my brain and body want to rest, then I rest. I call it creativity. Planning is a helpful exercise in cognitive rehab. Prioritizing is as well.
What I'm here for is to learn to do the one thing that must be done that day or the earth will explode. That's how one doctor put it. Have compassion with yourself. Treasure yourself. Give yourself room to breathe. Max it out at just one thing on rough days, or none things if you can't and the world will be okay if you don't.

May I be happy
May I be well
May I be safe
May I be at peace

When you are ready, then you can add the same phrases but turn the "I" into "you."

In making any list – of people, places, things, ideas – have compassion. Start with yourself.

This is how I play with my list each day.