How do you make sure you accomplish things on your list?

Alexander E.
With difficulty. I am having trouble with this too. It seems to me it takes a lot of routining to actually get in the habit of *doing* things. There is one thing I believe to be true though: the only way out of discomfort is decision-making followed up by unrelentless action.
Good luck on your journey.
Zenira S.
I set intermediate dealines by which I have to do a portion of my To Do list to be sure I'll have enough time to do the rest without having to cram too much before midnight. In other words, I in fact, allow myself to procrastinate on part of it while I work on some tasks – n a better getting some done than none more. For example, even if all could be achieved in one morning, I allow myself to procrastinate on half of the list 'till the afternoon. When procrastination gets the best of me, something takes longer than anticipated (as often happens due to tech. glitches, or when something unexpected comes up) what I didn't do one day moves up the a.m. lits the next morning, lest some unpleasant task will keep slipping ver days. I can start working on my new list only when I've done those. Thus, in the worse case scenario, a chore may still escape accomplishment a few days in a row. Eventually, it becomes such a hassle that I never got around to it that I chunk it into the smallest tasks possible (with lots of short frequent breaks contingent on getting through small steps – no matter how insignificant & easy) while I forbid myself from doing anything else I really need and want to accomplish 'till the persistent chore is done with – I thus escape not being able to do important and meaningful things by doning that one – very laborious but eventually effective if only to remove the irritation of not being able to move onto better to things.
Sebastian F.
Keep yourself accountable. Either yourself or someone else who compares notes with you. Look back at your week and evaluate what you’ve done. Reward yourself when you’ve hit your goals.
Christoffer P.
I have an hour blocked on my calendar each day that is dedicated to deep work, that I do not allow meetings to be scheduled for. Having an uninterrupted chunk of time really helps to get todos crossed out.
Hector F.
Well that is a very good question, though big goal setting is not to be discouraged on your to do list I find it easier to start with the little things that can be done , not easily, but are not so far out of reach it can not be obtained. So start with the small stuff and steadily build up. Hope this helps a little.
Arthur T.
Sometimes and overwhelmed with me and I don't accomplish everything but I try but I don't drive myself crazy and you should not either they will get done
Sherry Y.
Sometimes I don’t, but I try to set aside time to do the things I need to do. If I don’t have a lot of time I make sure to prioritize the most important things on my list.
Jofre F.
For me it's a "just do it.". If I think about too long I will not complete my tasks. I think of how I feel when I have accomplished my task and that becomes my motivation.
Jeff F.
I put only a few important tasks on my list so I know I can succeed and still have room for unexpected things that need my time.