How do you organize your to do lists?

Rita P.
Just in a rough chronological order of what I'll do first to late ish, in a notebook . Also a page for 'do some other time' of things I think of but can't or don't need to do that particular day and I check this when writing each day to see if anything can be added in or if I find I have spare time and energy check to do a few more things in any day. Works suprisingly well as I used to get anxious and overwhelmed if I thought of things durin the day I also need to do at some point and anxious when I would always forget them by the time I could actually fit them in. My memory is terrible so lists have been helpful in making me feel alot Les overwhelmed and like I'm not forgetting anything or doing things that aren't what I needed to do most that day! If that makes sense. You got this though, do what makes you feel good.
Javier Q.
I am not good at to do lists.
What I do is choose one thing that is the most important for me for the day which will give me the best feeling of satisfaction and I focus on that