Is there a to do list for a lazy day? Or is there such a thing as a lazy day?

Asta C.
I think you should not be too hard on yourself about it. Somedays we need to slow down and rest. I think you can slow down and still be prodactive or combine such a day with self care. You could make a list with thing like " read a book" or " have a facial" or " journal" or " watch my favourite show".
On the other hand you could skip the list and "wing it". Sometimes the best actions come up spontanously and you may as well end up having a completely different day than the ine you thought.
Marika F.
We all need some down time now and then a.k.a lazy day and what you do on thisday all depends on your personality. Personally, when I have a lazy day I literally lounge about and do nothing except maybe watch tv, listen to music, podcasts, read a book etc all while sitting/laying in my lounge. A lazy day depends on you.
Bob Y.
Lazy days should be called rest days and it should be normal to have rest days. However I do tend to feel guilty when I rest. When I rest it does feel that I am being lazy.
I guess there should be to do list for rest days as it it important to rest in a conscious reflected way. So for example take a relaxing bath could be something on a rest day to do list.
Mariechen Z.
taking some time to relax should be part of your schedule. to be with family and friends or to just have some alone time. we all need to recharge. but that isn't an excuse to push everything back every day. write due dates to the tasks in your list and prioritize the top three.
Erna P.
I still like writing to-do lists on lazy days. I put things like; have a bath, read a book, and go outside on my list on those days. So that I still get the most out of my day, even if it’s just for relaxing.