How do you keep track of your tasks at work? Are your private and work tasks on the same to-do list?

Signe Z.
I use my Outlook calendar at work to keep me and my day on track. I prioritize each task first. Then I set the tasks including the amount of time each task should take as appointments in my calendar. I also set 15 minute breaks between tasks to move, relax and refocus. Outlook sends me appointment reminders throughout the day so I can easily track my progress.

I use my iPhone calendar the same way for my personal tasks. I’m also sent notifications and receive them on my Apple Watch to stay on track.

The quotation “Run your day or it will run you” is absolutely true!

Mario F.
I keep a separate list in the same system as my personal tasks. That way, I’m not ignoring important personal tasks that might need to be accomplished during the work day, like making a doctor’s appointment.
Bartolomeu C.
I keep track of all my tasks on my to-do lists. If there are too many different lists, I’m less likely to get them all done.
Judith Y.
I have a separate to do list for work tasks that are unrelated to my personal development. Partly this is due to the medical confidentiality agreement that I am under at work, but I also find it helps me switch off after work.
Olivia N.
I keep the work tasks separate from my private ones. They are 2 different areas of life. I believe it would seem to overwhelming to put them all together and I don't want to think about the chores that I can't do at home because I'm at work.