How should I organize my to-do list?

Alexander W.
I try not to have enough on my daily to do list that it needs organizing. I start with my top three tasks and maybe two more but only if absolutely necessary. Until those tasks get done I don’t add any more and if I have more than three tasks to start with on one day I have a hard limit of three the next day.
Anything I want to remember to do later that isn’t on today’s three-to-five item list goes in my “grocery list”. That’s a list of stuff I want to get done at some point that can get really long. I divide it up by areas that make sense to me, like Errands, Yard Work, Major Work Project 1, etc. I try not to get too granular with the areas because it gets in the way.
Hartwig O.
Everything you can think of even ‘ remove nail polish ‘ and small things like that. When you do them, even the easy ones, it will make you feel more productive.
Sort the tasks room by room so wash dishes and laundry can be put next to each other. Good luck 🙃
Sophia P.
That is so personal and specific only you will know what works for you. Just start and keep trying. Over time you learn what works best for you!
Justina E.
Write all your tasks down. When your list is complete, number or label each task by importance. Highlight or star the three most important tasks and make those your day’s mission to complete. Take time to choose these three tasks carefully to make sure they are the most important. Finish each task completely before moving to the next.
Sophie T.
It's better if you start with quick items first. You can get those out of the way, and definitely try to multi task. Figure out about how long each item will take, and if there's down time during a task, start the next item on your list. But don't allow yourself to be overwhelmed, make sure to complete each item fully.