Do you think it really matters what time the Fab app suggests you do your to do list. I like it before bed or when I’m about to start work to eliminate distractions to either sleeping or anxiety before starting work. Do you think you have to follow their time period?

Jill E.
You can put habits wherever makes the most sense to you! The app developers have provided suggestions, but if a different time works better for you, do it 😀
Janus F.
The important thing is to do write the list every day. It doesn’t matter as much when. You can even have it on there twice to make sure you’re capturing everything.
Louison P.
Well the whole purpose of using the app is to allow it to help you make a solid schedule and put things in a routine that will work best for you. If the time suggested for a do do list or other item isn’t working for you delete it from its current position in your schedule and add it to the position that works best for you. Journal writing was in my am list but I recently changed it to my evening routine since I like writing about how my day went.
David T.
I think the time does help motivate me to complete a task. In general, deadlines can help track your time and work towards a goal of completion by a set date or time
Louane P.
Yes. If you choose an exact time to do something, you will. If you simply think that is something you just have to do, in the end you will procrastinate.
Rapha L Z.
No. My mornings start really early, but I don’t usually complete my morning tasks until 9 or 10 which is about 5 hours after I’ve woken up. I don’t really see a problem with that. I have a 3 month old baby so my life is a little crazy and isn’t very consistent to a specific time line.