What is the best way to stick by your plan and do it as soon as possible, so you have an evening off?

Jolanthe U.
Plan for your routines the day before. If your morning routine is drink water, eat breakfast, and work out… Then make over night oats or cook what you can the night before, put water by your bed, and get your clothing ready so theres little to no effort in getting that routine done. Use left over time to prepare for the next routine.
M Line Z.
I’m not the best person to answer this as I find I take pleasure in doing my Fabulous routines throughout the day. My evening one has become such a relaxing and pleasurable way to end the day that I wouldn’t be looking for ‘an evening off’. All I can think is maybe for you is to consider shifting some of your habits around in the day so that the evening routine is one you look forward to rather than want to have time off from. Best wishes
Bernard Z.
I use Abcde prioritized to do list. I start with the higher priority tasks first. I also have a list for task to do when tired.
Kim G.
Every morning I plan my day ahead and as soon I am done, I start working. I have a specific time for everything relating to work, and I check my clock very often through the day, to make sure I am on time. I have planned some time each day (whenever possible) to do something I couldn't do earlier, but usually I manage to accomplish everything I want by noon or afternoon. (I usually wake up around 7 am and I am done with important tasks by 7 pm, so I have about 3 hours of free time)