What’s working better for you: exercising first thing in the morning or after your one big thing is done? Or evening?

G N L N.
I don’t know your lifestyle but I am an early bird so prefer to do it in the morning,. I get up, drink water, meditate and then exercise
Joelci P.
In the morning. I have the most energy in the morning, exercise is an energetic activity that wakes me up, and it’s easier to do before the wave of the day hits.
Hugh F.
I’m finding first thing is better – I prefer to treat it more like an essential part of my morning (like having a shower or getting dressed) rather than as my first job.
Karla X.
I like to excessive in the morning. I have more energy right after and the days that I work out in the am are my most productive ones. This also gives me the option to excessive for a second time in the evening if I have time and energy. If i don’t work out a second time my evenings are more relaxed and it feels great to know that you already took care of that in the morning.