Do you prefer digital or physical lists?

Léa Martin
I love all types of lists! I generally use more digital lists as the final list since paper lists can get misplaced or left behind. But I do love the physical list when it’s tome to cross things off!

Josefine Zoller
I like to make physical list and put it somewhere where I see it all the time. When I make a digital list, I tend to close the app and never look at it again.

Lucas Olsen
Both. Physical is more tangible yet more difficult to carry when you move around the days. But would be helpful if you are at the office or at home, not having a nomadic day

Hans jörg Knab
I prefer physical lists. There’s a satisfaction in checking things off or crossing them out with a pen vs. just clicking a button. Seeing my tasks in ink also make them feel more real somehow. Last but not least, if I don’t need to look at my to-do list on a screen, it lowers my screen time — when I’m on my cell or computer too much, I tend to start wasting time with games, FB, etc.

Ottmar Hauber
I definitely prefer physical lists. Digital lists have never been good for me. It's like the feeling of physically writing a list is the investment factor in a way. Keeping track of the paper itself is the constant reminder. And marking off each thing as it's completed is the satisfaction. Digital lists have ways of doing all those things but it'll never be as genuine and authentic in my opinion.

Ritthy Cox
It depends on what it is for. For example, i prefer my grocery lists to be physical and written out. If it’s stuff that i just need to remember then i prefer digital.

Julian Fowler
I prefer physical lists, they feel more real to me. But I have to have some electronic ones because of the complexity of my work. These are more like plans than lists though!

Jane Curtis
physical – writing it out physically makes me feel more organized and grounded, and then you get to physically cross/check each item off, which serves as a mini reward/celly

Jeppe Poulsen
I prefer a digital list, because I have my phone always with me, it allows me to add notes and thoughts on the go. I started fabulous with a paper notebook but the notebook ended up in a drawer so I am starting over with a digital notebook/to do list.

Kathy Austin
When I’m forced to think about it, I think I prefer physical ones. It’s quicker than writing on your phone (except when you are talking to it ), you have more time to concentrate on the job rather than to hassle with the typos. The only problem I have with the physical lists is that I might misplace them (which is resolved after I started using the notebook recommended by Fabulous)