Do you find that writing your to do list helps you achieve today’s goals?

Carolina N.
It helps achieve my goals faster even if it’s a small goal. Writing it down helps a lot with what goals you want to set out and easier to complete. Goals don’t have to be big in order to feel accomplished it can be as easy and drinking more water during the week.
Barb Y.
To be honest, yes. Because it helps you have a visible plan for what you want to do on that day and like that you can make sure that if you get distracted you can always restart what you had to do from where you left off, and helps you be more proud of yourself at the end of the day when you look on the list and say 'woah… I actually did all that'. But it also helps you to have a more organized way of living, not just today's.
Frances O.
Yes it helps me a lot. I can achieve my goals easyer.I feel good and productive when I write the to do list every day. So I recommend you to try it out!
Have a fabulous day!🙂
Ma Wenn Q.
Yes. Even if I tell myself a few of those items on the list is ok. Putting them in “priority” or “evening/at home” categories, or similar, also helps me. Writing a to do list also helps me focus on what I’m doing for the day, otherwise I get side tracked easily.
Melody N.
Yes, i do think so because i will be all over the place confused on what to do but with a list and times it’s easier to do things one by one then get them all done
Skye A.
I find that writing my to do list helps me complete my morning and bedtime routine. I feel like since i get notifications from fabulous helps me feel motivated to do my list!
Icie N.
Yes! I live by a planner and if I just need to do a few things, I still write a list so I can see the productivity I’ve accomplished
Carolina N.
Yes it does. It helps me figure out what my main and side goals are for the day. If I have time for the side goals I will do them and if not it could wait for another day.