Knowing what you know now, if at 20 you could have made a to-do list for the rest of your life, what would be the most important thing on it?

Lesa P.
Do not be a lone wolf. Seek the support of others.
Sara F.
Learn, travel, step out of your comfort zone as often as possible, start NLP even sooner, be brave to show yourself,
Mia G.
I would have made daily to do lists and adjusted my plans , not for minor things, like laundry, buy yogurt , but for habits I want to establish for life, like pilates daily, journal daily, etc. I would have made 1, 2 and 5 year goals. I would have identified what I needed, but didn't have, to successfully achieve those goals. Then those gaps could be added to my to do list
J Rg Peter G.
Get a driver's license and complete my undergraduate education out of state. Get a passport and travel to faraway places more.
Maxence Q.
Take risks to pursue the things you love. Devote time to learn more skills toward the things you are passionate about. Develop healthy eating, exercise and mental wellness habits, they will serve you well as you get older.
Anton Y.
Invest even if you start small. Invest in continuous education, in your future, in stocks, in people.
Maria C.
Prioritize self-care. You can't build a level A life with level C habits. (Get your own sh*# together before you save the world or anyone else.)
Gregory U.
Make time to enjoy life and savour the little moments that make life beautiful.
R Diger E.
Live life to the max; experience everything you can; give everything you do 110%. Refuse to sit on the sidelines
Yanis U.
Love and connect through being vulnerable and courageous. Empower yourself and don't expect others to fulfill your needs, but be vulnerable and express what you want and how you feel.
Isaac N.
"Plan your work and work your plan" is better advice than I thought.
L Onard E.
To be kind to myself- to believe in my abilities and love myself unconditionally.
Veronica Y.
Communicating how important my kids would be and to shape my goals/tasks toward the kind of parent I want to be.

Close second (maybe first) would be communicating I'm bipolar so don't waste the highs, expect/plan for the lows & be nice!! …in my own mind & with others.

Marsha J.
Stay active and healthy. Don’t let a temporary moment of happiness distract you from the bigger purpose. Maintain loving, healthy relationships. Be true to yourself.
Ragendra G.
The most important thing on my to do list would be “Be happy”. It’s foundational for everything else that I need to do. I have to maintain a good mood for my work. This doesn’t mean that the sad moods are off limits or I should block them, but I should register them from the foundation of attempting to be happy. It’s an effort— being sad is also effort, for some reason it’s just easier to be sad? But I find that attempting to be happy allows me to register the sadness in greater equilibrium.
Cathy C.
give yourself enough time to embrace and learn from each experience life gives you. At 20 you are on a rush to achieve and change the World. That rush can lead you to making wrong decisions.
Dimas T.
Just say no! Being a people-pleaser and enabler will prove to be a snare. Always make time for myself by scheduling it in weekly…no guilt! 🙂
Rebecca C.
Be vulnerable by putting your dreams first. Stop living your life for everyone else. You will be okay and it’s okay to not be perfect. Share the hard stuff with someone you care about daily and you will get through it.
Amalie X.
Take a break. It's very easy to get caught up in goals and tasks that need to get done. But taking the time to enjoy life is very important. Go on walks, hangout with friends, sign up for pottery classes, dance to music on speaker.