What advice has helped you the most regarding writing a to do list?

Candice Q.
The advice that has helped me the most regarding writing a to do list is to focus on 2 non negotiable goals for the day. Also, I’ve heard a few fitness leaders and entrepreneurs say that when you make your daily goals ridiculously easy you’re more likely to complete your goals and keep up a realistic momentum to stay consistent with your long term goals!
Zo E.
Is it urgent and important? Is it important? Does it further your goals? If the answer is no, then do not write it down.
Vivan F.
To comprise the to do list of only the top 3 priorities of the day. This way, the list is realistic and much more achievable. Completing the the list then, produces a sense of accomplishment instead of a feeling of failure.
Mathilde F.
Just write really little things like washing up and walk the dogs and meditate and do some stretching. Little goals are always better!
Ahmad F.
Well for me, I think about it in a timeframe. What goes first and what goes last. The pleasure of ticking it off in an orderly manner is helping
Byron U.
I try to be as specific as I can, based on what I know I'll need to read when I go back to my list throughout the day. For example, instead of "clean the bedroom", I break that down into more specific tasks like, "vacuum under the bed" or "change the sheets". So I end up having several things to do in my room but seeing each task helps me to keep moving through the room. Having said that, I like to make categories and color code the list as well.
Angela U.
The biggest thing for me has been to use my to do list as an external brain – it stops tasks from randomly popping into my head and causing me to be distracted and anxious. As a result, I have several to do lists. The "master" to do list, in which I note everything I COULD be doing at any given time. When something is written down here, I can trust that I don't have to try to remember it. Then I have to do lists for each project I have running, so I know what the next action is for each to keep that project moving forward. During the day when new to do's pop up, I add them to an "inbox" list, which I sort out or action at the end of the day. My daily to do list usually only consists of three items that are most important to get done that day.
C Cero E.
Breaking bigger tasks into smaller ones. For instance if you have an essay to finish don’t just put ‘finish essay’ but break it down. ‘Write 500 words’ or ‘write X paragraph’ or ‘finish footnotes’. Breaking it down makes tasks seem more achievable and thus motivates you to do them. Plus allows you to be more structured!