How can I get into the habit of writing a daily to-do list?

Roberto M.
It comes naturally
But I guess it depends on u as a person
If u like to keep things in order and being able to track process and always check to make sure u have done everything then it won’t be and issue to make it a habit
Alvina C.
I like to do it in the morning so I know what I have to do in that day and I also keep it short. Just the top 5 things I have to do
Raymond J.
Purchasing a nice looking pen & paper helped me. I put them on to the table that’s right next to my bed and now each night before going to bed I just write my To Do’s for the upcoming day.
Herman P.
I hate to say this, but you just have to take 3 or maybe 5 minutes and jot it down. Put down your main tasks you need to do that day and be done.
Most of us are so rushed in the morning. Get up 10 minutes early sit down and right it. I just stick mine in my pocket. Hope that helps.
Hedda E.
I use a fresh notebook and label 4 columns: 1-entry date;2-entry;3-due date;4-done date. Entry date is the date you enter the entry; Entry is the description of the task/event etc.; Due date may or may not be entered although having one helps to prioritize; Done date is the date the entry is completed. In the morning I sit down at breakfast and take out my notebook. I prioritize around 3 entries based on due dates, urgency and time available for today. I highlight those entries (with a highlighter marker). These are my to-dos for today. I put a line through the entire line in the notebook as I complete the items (you should still be able to read the items after you put that single line through them; this is important because it feels great to look back and see all you’ve accomplished). Before bed I take the notebook out and think about what tasks, events, projects, etc might need to get done in the near or distant future and I enter them! That’s it! Have fun… ☺️
Emile N.
The easiest way to do it is once you’re having breakfast. Instead of watching TV or being on your phone you can pull out your planner and really have the time to think about what you want to accomplish for the day or the week. I atypically knock out my weeks schedule to pre-plan things I want to get done day by day. Then the day of I put my to do list down, throughly and also write what times I want things to get done. It sounds complex, but it’s a no-brained and actually a lot of fun (especially with coordinates) it feels rewarding to cross out my to do list day by day.
Kasper Z.
Have it close at hand. I put mine either next to my bed or in my kitchen table at night. That way, when I wake up and have breakfast I can write a todo whilst eating
Mara Q.
I actually write mine the night before, so I can start each morning with a clear focus on what I need to achieve. I link it with other tasks (for me it’s to disconnect and drink tea) so that by doing one I’m automatically prompted to do the others. Plus I can check off 3 habits at once!!
Rosemary O.
In my case, I make my agenda part of my morning cup of coffee. I sit down with my favourite pen, my favourite cup, look out the window and open my agenda. It is a nice little window of calm before jumping into the day: I see what I didn’t finish yesterday and write what I most want to get done today. And I sip my coffee. Lovely!
Tilde F.
I commute on the train so it’s something I think of once I get on. If i was driving in, I would make it part of my morning routine once I get to work (get coffee, check emails, write to-do)
Amanda U.
For me, it works best to accompany it with an already-engrained morning routine item. For example, I have a dog that needs to be let outside first thing in the morning, and then fed breakfast. So, while he’s eating breakfast I tackle my to-do list!
Timothee N.
Set a time every day devoted to writing your to-do list. I recommend a time in the evening so you can reflect on the day you’ve had, see how you can be more productive tomorrow.
Olivia P.
hi stranger so i got into this habit because i always just need to have everything pre-planed i’m super organized so it was very easy for me to do a to do list on the daily but i know not everyone is the same so i suggest to add a reminder for it on your phone or write a little reminder on a sticky note and put it on your mirror or somewhere you know you’ll see it so you remember to do it i hope this helped i know it’s a bit long but i hope you don’t mind
Billie A.
I like to make the first item on my to do list to be to start my to do list, so I get a rewarding tick first thing in the morning!
Marius Z.
Set a reminder on your phone. Keep your pen and paper out and visible in the morning. Have the mindset that writing the to-do list is more important than completing the to-do list. At least in the beginning, just writing out your list is more important than whether or not you actually do the tasks on the list. This way you are not intimidated by your list, which is a common reason for not writing it in the first place.
Alfredo U.
Al sentarte en tu puesto de trabajo, esa seria la primera cosa antes de prender la computadora, igual puedes ir agregando o cambiando alguna tarea si es necesario. Verla como una amiga que te ayudará
Daphn E.
start it after having a breakfast after your exercises. do it every day and receive pleasure from making things done. reflect every week on a past days – how you worked. say thank you to yourself for doing this. love what you do, love planning. think about how you will achieve all of this goals using this technique. share your experience with friends. but really interesting friends, helpful. not to toxic ones. make achievable plans. and probably write timing. to understand when you need to hurry up.
Leopoldine O.
Get a notebook and a pen that you really like and you will find making your to-do list more enjoyable. I have tons of blank notebooks I waiting for the “perfect” topic to write about but found they are more useful for me to jot down my todos for the day.
Inguelore Q.
I normally write my to do list at the end of the day. That gives me a starting point for the following day, and I’m less likely to forget anything important. I also write my list with my eye on my mission statement and goals for the month and week to help me prioritize what is important.
Zoe S.
I bought a journal and write it down when I have my coffee first thing in the morning. I also only do privat to-do lists, not including work