In my To Do List I have the urgent tasks and the not urgent tasks. My problem is that I rarely finish the urgent stuff and at the end of the day I just feel frustrated with a never-ending list… any suggestions? How can I deal with frustration when I feel that time is just never enough?

Sandra Q.
I watched the priority video. Make a list starting from the most important to the lesst important and do them in that order. If you have added too many tasks, you’re too hard on yourself. Adjust the daily schedule to your habits and pace and accept that you’re human. There is always another day to finish the, not so important tasks, and you will feel so mich better if you do the hardest tasks first.
Julijana Y.
Just ask yourself if you're spending too much time on phone even though you know that you need to finish those stuffs. Install app called forest and keep yourself far away form phone!
Asta P.
I make a master list of EVERYTHING I want to get done. Then I pick 3 things from that list to do daily. Sometimes the list is so thick with to do's, that I break a job up into 3 parts and that's my 3 things for the day. If I do it any other way, I'm sabotaging myself.
Alice F.
U could try to write down absolutely EVERYTHING you do in a day. Then, at the end of the day, check the list and see what you do that’s not necessary. Take it out and slowly start implementing the urgent tasks
Actually R.
Google Calendar works really well for me. You need more of a plan than just being aware of what you have to do—block out time to actually accomplish your tasks as opposed to just hitting them down and hoping you get to complete the list.
Andrew G.
Try using timeboxing, it’s more effective than to-do lists since you have to account for exactly how much time is required for each task.
Norah S.
I have exactly the same! It sounds like maybe your to do list is too long and you expect too much of yourself, some days we should be grateful just to have been able to complete the urgent tasks. On the longer term tasks you could spend just 10 minutes every day, I find that helps get them done eventually
Tara F.
Wow , we have very similar minds! I struggled with this for years, and the best solution I came up with was maintaining a weekly planner that has a large space per day (pref. hourly schedule) plus another large space for notes (Passion Planner, BASICS Notebook, Hightide LA, Mochithings have good ones). All urgent weekly things go in a specia box (limit your 2-4),and not urgent goes in a bullet journal style list on the notes section (then I can migrate it to certain days or the next week if necessary). Migrate your boxed urgent tasks onto specific days broken into steps, as well as any time-sensitive important tasks. I know this sounds complicated but it really only takes about 5 minutes every morning for me to do, and it really helps my ADHD brain. Good luck!
Lucas C.
This happens to me regularly, quite an annoyance.
How I fix it usually by taking a chunk of time to reschedule all of the tasks that piled up (don't hesitate to stretch it out, the less urgent the further away). Try to mix it up when rescheduling between subjects so you don't dread having to do this one big thing. I feel that this replaces frustration by a sense of "proudness" because you just did something good and have less things to on your day!