Do you write your to-do list in the morning or at the end of the previous work day?

Samuel U.
I try to write my to-dos in the morning. There are, of course, times when I need to adjust the list midday, but it starts my day with a bit more focus and established goals. However, I dont use my to-do list for work, rather for personal tasks around the home and needed errands, etc.

Dario P.
Typically I write my to do list in the morning but sometimes I find it easier to do it the night before so I can wake up and already know exactly what I need to do. Plus I can’t think of everything I have to do in the morning when I’m tired so I usually miss a few tasks.

Rick Z.
The end of the previous day. I'm more likely to remember things I mean to do the following day than first thing in the morning

Delani E.
Evening before would probably be better, but i am too spent in the evening. As a morning person i do better writing them down first thing in the morning

Joshua J.
Actually both. I would add anything I want to do tomorrow at the end of the day, and review and assign priorities the next morning.

Ulrich X.
I normally do it in the morning. However I have recently heard of the ivy lee method and that requires writing the to do list for the next day at bedtime. I’m going to try that.

Martha P.
I do both actually. In the morning I write down all the things I know I need to do, and in the evening I plan for things that have emerged during the day and write down some items not being completed and have to be moved to another day.

Leroy G.
Write it at the end of day for the following day. That way your mind is clear when you go to bed and is free to dream and think up new things for you to do.

Margot Q.
I write it at the end of prvious day.I also write the things done tonday because if you focus only on things you have to complete then it puts a bit more stress on you.