How can I prevent having a headache in the morning when I first wake up?

Nevaeh U.
Drink water before going bed and after waking up. Don’t sleep close to your phone and check any medication you’re taking before. And make sure you’re getting enough rest.

Thiago E.
A former co-worker told me headaches were a sign of dehydration so I always try to drink a tall glass of water before bed along with maintaining my water intake during the day. Also a glass first thing in the morning can ameliorate an early headache with no particular cause.

Beverley P.
Try making sure to hydrate before bed as that can cause them and make sure to rest your brain like 8 hours of sleep if you can, at least resting your senses such as eye plugs and eye mask/blackout blinds also if stressed before bed try writing your thoughts down and or meditation as your brain will still think about it while you sleep bonus tip dont go to sleep drunk as that's not real sleep; good luck.

Shannon F.
This is a medical question. You really need an evaluation by a physician to both rule out causes and to find the cause. Such could have multiple causes.

Valdir Q.
Drink a big glass of cold water as soon as possible after waking up! When you wake up, your body is a bit dehydrated which can lead to headaches. If it persists and even over the counter medication isn’t working at the level it should, please consult a doctor so that you can collaborate and make the best choice for your health 🙂