What do you use for your to-do list?

Zaira S.
I use my bullet journal for my to-do list among many other things, however, I always find it best for you to do what you’re comfortable with. I also use the Fabulous to-do list, but I write it down in my bullet journal as well.
Emilie N.
I use Todoist since it has the best integration with nearly everything, is multi platform, and easier to use than other apps
Holly L.
I use an app called Microsoft to-do. It's easy to use. It has reminders, categories, and importants. It's has sub tasks as well as comments. Making your to-do list easy to use, manage and understand.
William P.
I love Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, and I use the 7” x 10” black one with a calendar in the front to write all my to-do lists and stay organized.
Mathew O.
I use Todoist phone and web apps for project planning and steps/tasks, anything standalone and one time, anything tied to specific dates or with complex repeating patterns like some chores. I use Fabulous app for my morning, evening and weekend rituals and for priority lists: when I put a lot of things that I would like to do on given days and I must do them only in that order no matter how much I want to get to the "most enjoyable" one. Because I shouldn't trust my perception of joy during each given moment 🙂 I should trust what I decided is better for myself in advance.
Kathryn U.
Hey there, I try to use a notebook and write everything down by hand. I use my phone for reminders and my schedule. After I write my to do list I also write my thoughts and feelings and inspirations.
Henry E.
I try to think of a. the things that have to be done on the specific day and b. the things that I want to get done and over with on that specific day so they don't stress me while wandering in my head. And there you have it!
Sophie P.
I use Google calendar for my to-do list. I can create a task, reminder, and if course a calendar event. I also use the Google home mini and it will tell me of these events, reminders, and tasks first thing in the AM.
Pl Nio G.
I purchased a daily planner from Gallery Leather. It’s gorgeous! Checking off each task kept me motivated to keep going!
Beatriz Z.
just focus on your works. try to separate each work to several parts of works and everyday try a part of it.
for first week try 3works daily not more.
after one week add works step by step.

you can write it in your mobile, but on a white board or a notebook is better.

don't forget that you must see you works daily.

Franklin Z.
I have a notebook for my to-do list. I prepare it as a calendar for the daily to-do's. The list usually contains the most important habits, rituals, plans, and the actual appointments. And at the end of the day I read it through and tick the done ones. The skipped ones go to the following day or I think over that task/challenge again and reschedule it, if I find it more suitable.
Malthe W.
A basic reminder app. It’s part of my evening routine to write my to dos before going to bed. I never set myself more than 5 tasks on my to do for the next day but make sure I do them all.
Lukas C.
sometimes it's my diary/bullet journal when things seems too complicated and stressful for me, but most of the time i use just standard note app from my cellphone
Darlene E.
I buy the calendar organizers that fit in a bag I carry, gives me a nice month and weekly areas to write my to do list in.not very big so I can't overload myself and I really have to figure out what really is important.
August P.
i use to do list for planning my day/week, so to ensure i dont miss any thing. after all i have become too preoccupied these days
Dylan P.
I use my pocket calendar, which is a small notebook easy to take every where. It has my weeks outlined and there is room each day for a to do list. Already use this calendar and didn’t want to start yet another notebook that I might not look at.