Do you use pen and paper for to-do-list? I have downloaded many apps for this job and none works for me.

Katie J.
I use pen and paper. I have a notebook at work and a notebook for home I take with me. When something pops in my head that I need to add I will jot it down in a memo app but move it to a notebook once I can.
Elmer S.
Yes I find that physically writing it down and crossing it off, helps to actually get the to-do’s done. It gives me a better sense of accomplishment
Devon Y.
I actually use a dry erase board, and pen.. haha you don’t really ever see the option to use a dry erase board. I like the way writing with pens feels, I always have for some reason. I use to write short stories with pen so I guess that it’s just nostalgia. I try to stay away from looking at my phone for anything other than work, self improvement, recipes and uploading pictures to my mother. You could say I’m a pretty traditional person at heart.
Nicoline F.
Yes, using the 5 3 1 method or mindmappping. For some reason the actual art of writing rather than typing seems to help me organise my thinking. And I'm not going to get distracted by other things on my devices.
Mikkel Z.
I can't use pen and paper. I'm not careful enough to always remember to take them both with me when I'm out.
I use Google Keep on my smartphone.
Leonard U.
I use too many diaries, can't perfectly organize it yet. Normally I use pen and paper but not always have it with me so it's not very efficient
Gasc O S.
I use a combo of paper/pen and Notion. The paper one is for day to day lists. Notion is a bit of a backlog and keeps track of dated tasks before the day arrives.
Ian F.
If u are a student i recommend SCHOOL PLANNER but using a pen and paper also works…i have a reminder on my phone from widgets its easier bcus i carry it everywhere
Candice O.
I do. However, I also use an app called Wunderlist. I don't always have my pen & paper handy, but I always seem to have my phone nearby. If necessary, I'll make a to-do on the app. Then at night when I'm making my to-do list for the following day I'll check Wunderlist and consider those items for inclusion on the master list (pen & paper).
Agathe Z.
Yes! I am always a pen and paper person! I feel if you have something you have written down it seems to be more true! I mean everything that is official is on a piece of paper… not on the internet…. you still have a drivers license, a title to your car, a marriage license, the deed to your house, a diploma…. etc.
N Uton S.
I actually used to use pen and paper however I oftentimes forgot to look back at my reminders booklet so decided to promptly change tactics to an app called ! If you trust that you can stay committed with pen and paper, however, go for for it (although I would personally recommend pencil to go that extra mile and be conscious on being environmentally friendly). Good luck!
Dursun R.
Some times I used pen and paper for to do list but whenever I used pen and paper for to do list I achieved morr task than having to list in some app and to do apps don't work for me, either.