How do you prioritize your to-do lists?

Nanna P.
I do things in the order of what im most likely to lay off first. For example im most likely to forget to drink water so its first on my list
Elioenai Q.
At the beginning of the week, I write a list of everything that I need to get done in the week. Each day, I write a top 3 things list as well as a list of less important things to get done. I check my weekly list and spread the tasks that aren’t date-bound into my daily list.
Idalina Z.
Think about what HAS to be done today…so would it matter if it really didn’t happen. Think of your three priorities as a ‘must do’ list. Also, choose things that are not simple chores/things you would have to do anyway – that’s an easy way out!
Herminia Q.
There is a saying 'don't work on someone's goal for 8 hours and go home tired by not working on your goals'. I remind everytime I prepare my to do list, this helps me a lot to fit things that helps me more.
Timothe T.
In order of the importance of the task and how fast it needs to be done. I first write the tasks that have precise hours and then the other ones in the order i told above.
Sherri T.
Most important thing with emergency should be high priory such as due date on, bills need to be paid, tax return should be submitted. And then money coming in, which is a benefit for you. Good chance and lucky one should be priority. Think, what you want to accomplish or what you want to finish today.
Cedrico Z.
When I have a “to do list” I don’t break it up in terms what is more important and tackle it that way. There are times in the day we’re I am better at certain tasks. I’m a morning person and my brain power time is 7:30 to 11:15 am so the things that take brain power such as learning new things or crafting a letter or essay I get those done when i’m At my peak mental productiveness. Even though it’s more important for me to get groceries or make a cake I can do that in the afternoon when i’m not as sharp let say. Organize you list around when you will be most effective/efficient at getting it done not necessarily what is most important. Don’t waste your best brainpower time of day sweeping the floor. Sweep the floor after lunch when your full and don’t want to think. Work out what time of day you do things best (maybe your not a morning person) and prioritize that way. That’s what works for me
Terri Z.
I write it all down. Then go down and number 1-20(example) and then decide what needs my most immediate attention. And what could wait until tomorrow if necessary
Anita Z.
Write everything down first and then look at the deadline of things in your to do list, ask yourself is that things you need to do it on your own? If not who can? After crossing off things that you don’t have to do by yourself you need to set deadlines of things in the list way more early to complete. And remember to do the task that urgent and time consuming first.
Allie G.
Most important tasks first. If it's a working week – work tasks come first. If it's a non working week hardest tasks first.
Rebecca P.
I list every part or step that I can think of. Then I look at all of these as steps in individual projects, so I create projects and prioritize the projects. Some steps must happen before others, so they must be done first. I number those tasks all "1". Then I'd necessary I'll prioritize the 1s. This keeps me from taking time, energy, and money doing tasks that belong to less important projects.
Bertram X.
It depends on what is urgent. So if I have a ton of tasks that aren't time sensitive, I usually go from harder to simpler. But I'd there are time constraints, I choose the more urgent ones first.
Heidi Z.
I use the abc system
A: has an end time and is important
B: has end time but not as important
C: important without deadline
I always try to complete at least half of my a tasks before picking an easier b or even c task