How do I choose and prioritize my to-do list?

Darren Y.
Long term: Warren buffet tactic. Google Warren buffet 20 things. Short term/daily: Write things youthink you have to do that day, than prioritize according to importance and complexity. Do the hardest things first when you still h
Alicia T.
First you have to know whether you’re a person who should start with the hardest task or get warmed up with something smaller instead. Then you can prioritise by urgency. Don’t forget to break bigger tasks in to more manageable chunks either.
Joy S.
I usually try to prioritise my to do list by what needs to be done the most. Often this means that I put a long or difficult task first. I also include other small daily habits into my to do list when first working them into my routine.
Sheila E.
You can try writing down all the things you can think of to do. Then rate each item an A or B or C according to importance. Your A items then become your shortlist, from these choose maximum of 3 to do today.