Smaller things that take five minutes and just need to be done… Do you put them on the to do list or just do them?

Nolan Q.
I put them on my to do list. I always have my to do list available (ToDoist app). If I’m in the middle of a task or deep work, I’ll jot it down so it’s not forgotten. If I’m not doing anything in particular, I add it to the list and then do it right away so I can check it off right away which feels good!
Alice O.
I divide my list into TO DO and PRIORITISE, giving a score of importance from 1 to 3 and I start with the things that have 1 star. I put all in to be sure to make them
Pankaj T.
I used to put them in a mental todo list but I would forget about them as so many of them piled up. Now I try to just do them instead.
Beatrice C.
I just do them. It takes more time to write them… and I don't want the false sense of accomplishment that comes with this practice.
Shelly Z.
I definitely feel like I put the smaller things on a mental to do list. I tend to procrastinate, so with the smaller things I usually end up put them off until a more convenient time.
Jenn N.
Oh my goodness, so when I need a boost and to help myself just get started and feel like I’ve accomplished something I put it on the list then I kind of have a productivity snowball situation. If I’m already pretty productive and effective I don’t put little things on the list I just do them.
Rafael U.
Each day I'm my 4 hour blocks of constructive time … I allow myself 30 breaks. In this free time I take on my misc. Tasks. I found the 5 minutes job turns out to be on personal Things anyway.