Do you struggle coming up with tasks some days?

Esa C.
Some days I have trouble thinking of tasks for my to-do list. If so, I try and think of small, simple items to include rather than lofty goals, just so that there is still the satisfaction of ticking them off. Also, if I end up doing a significant task during the day that I didn't think to list, I'll add it and tick it off even if I've already completed if.
Nikolaos X.
I do not I don’t want to overdo it so I prefer to keep my list of tasks short. Shorter lists are easier to accomplish therefore helping to feel more motivated in continuing my daily routines
Liam Y.
Yes, I do. It can be very overwhelming being the sole decider of how my life pans out.
But in the end I have to accept that there are many external factors to surrender to.
Start small is all I can do.
Jimmy C.
Hey there! I don’t struggle with coming up with tasks. I’m a caregiver and I work full time so it’s more of a situation where I struggle to complete all the me-time tasks. But to answer your question, it sounds like either there are tasks you already do that you think are too trivial to add to your daily routine, or, you think of tasks as being something you do for other people and not for yourself. This app has a lot of great suggestions. Take a spin through the list and see what might interest you. It could be yoga or learning to play an instrument or a new language. You don’t have to spend hours doing it. Just pick one thing, add it to a routine in a part of the day where you have time to focus and do that one thing uninterrupted at the same time every day.

Finally, I want to add that it’s okay to not have a ton of tasks in your daily routines. You might be at a stage of your life where you’re not overburdened and I suggest that you take the time to enjoy that. Just add 10 mins to meditate or look up at the clouds and daydream. It’s all good in my opinion.

Have a great day!

Tyrone T.
Yes sometimes so I try to keep my notebook with me and write down to dos during the day. Use your intuition to figure out the important tasks
Victoria C.
Yes. I feel like some of my tasks should be automatic and not require a list, but maybe that will be how they become habits
Wally O.
Yes. Especially on the bussy days for my afternoon tasks. But I haven’t given up
on them just yet 🙂 I keep them in my tasks so that the moment I find time during the day I can jump on it 🙂
Nora Z.
Normally I have more things per day that the ones I can handle. But some days, what I call my relax days, I just add fun things to my tasks.
Mylan Y.
Many times it Comes..n if task not complete in time the I feel more anxious..lose just because of lazyness.. pracrastination..
Gertraude F.
I always add my rituals as one task. And then some things I haven't done the other days. There's always plenty to do. Some dreams in the drawer. Or calling or talking with someone.
Arlene N.
Sometimes. Particularly if it is quiet at work. I find it is good to use those days to do professional or personal development activities as recommended in the 2018 book Make Time