What do you put on your to-do list?

Janice P.
On my to do list are daily tasks that I need to do to keep me on track to reach my goals or objectives. For example if I have a goal of losing weight then I might have “weigh yourself” on my to do list every Sunday. I may also have “plan Healthy weals for the week” also on Sundays list. Exercise for 30 min would be on my Monday thru Friday to-do list. So putting these tasks on my to do list woukd help me to make progress on my goals.

Another type of task that would go on my to do list would be things like Call Mom, Pay Rent, Do Laundry, or other necessary tasks pertaining to daily life.

In summary, my to do list is comprised of necessary tasks that help me move closer to my goals and things I must do in going about my daily life.