Do you have a preference for making your todo list in the morning or the night before and why so?

Anick P.
The night before because then in the morning I can edit and add if needed. If I wait until the morning, something will be left off the list and my priorities might be skewed.
Anton G.
I unfortunately do not have this habbit stated at same time every day but i really would like to do it in evening but i am working most of the times till deep night, but i would like to train my self for doing it in evening
Sarah Q.
The night before is better. Its because you can plan things ahead, what time to sleep and what time to wake up the next day, how to start the day and plan your whole according to your list and the work that you need to do.
Juliette O.
I prefer to do it throughout the morning as I think of things I need to do after lunch, phone calls I need to make, and things that are super important to do after work.
Edith S.
I prefer to make my to do listat night because then I know what I am getting my sleep to prepare for as well as I am familiar with the goals I am waking up to.
S Vio P.
I would prefer both. My day is split into both personal, business, and studies, in addition, making time for work outs and travel time.