Where do you write your to-do list?

Kenneth P.
Actually.. I didn't write.. I am too lazy to that… Initially I wrote to do list in a small pocket dairy.. But I didn't do well… And didn't achieve.. I lose my confidence… Thn I started to type on Any do…. Now I have app called GOAL METER.. But I can't achieve… My plan didn't work….

I failed…
My exam… I wish to get full mark in economics… Bt failed to get it.

Jayden A.
For personal items, I have a letter size at a glance weekly planner. The size lets me tuck any bills, letters or info into the appropriate date then file or recycle once they’re done. At work, I print out my screen from my workflow queue then add any extra items by hand.
Christy T.
I chose a nice agenda and I write my to do list every morning on it. I also have a spot where I write monthly reminders like paying the bill.
Marjorie I.
I write the to do list on about half a sheet of paper. I may not use the same notebook (how sad I would be when I used it all up!), but the pages are the same size and I rip them from some sort of notebook. While the book is not always the same, I write my to do in the same place everyday: my comfy chair in my bedroom. At the end of the day, I write my end of day review on the back of that day's sheet of paper, sitting in the same chair, and then I crumple it up and throw it in the corner. It is very gratifying.
Hertha J.
I write them on my phone. I check it several times a day and each time I look at my to do list and ensure I am staying focused.
Katrine U.
I use Todoist because that way I have access to it from any device. Some people prefer a paper one. I tried using it, and it does feel good to check off things from your physical to-do list. However, I feel like Todoist helps me keeping the to-do list organized with Projects, Priorities and the The Next 7 Days view.
Ad Nis F.
I like using an app called Google Keep and another one called Stuff to do. It's easy to open the app(s) and write my to do down and tick the boxes as I complete the tasks, because they both have very useful widgets. I hope this helps! 😊
Barbara Y.
Some people prefer a physical notebook or a piece of paper to write their to do list but I personally use a basic notes app (Google keep) and have a note tagged "To do list" where I write my to do every day and check off the items as the day goes by. I use the widget the app provides and I have dedicated an entire screen of my phone to this widget so I can view it in an instant without opening an app. Also the checked items can be brought back to the list so I don't have to write everything from scratch every day, I just uncheck some items that are already in the list and I plan on doing on the day. Hope this helps 😊
Soren S.
I write my to do list in a spiral binder. If I mess it up I can tear it out and start fresh. I also keep them so on days I feel I haven't accomplished much during the week I can look back and so how productive I have been. It also gives me ideas of things I may have forgotten I wanted to do.
Giulia Y.
I have a journal dedicated to my Fabulous Journey where I write my to do, quotes I love. Daily gratitudes. I will also use this journal to reflect on how far I have come and how much I have grown.
Madlen O.
I bought a small spiral ring notebook that I can fit in my pocket. Usually, however, it sits on the desk in my dorm room. When I wake up, going to my notebook helps force me out of bed. When I get back from classes, it's right there by my desk so I can see the things I need to do before the day is over.
Wesley C.
I am using the Evernote to collect my ideias and organize my life. I am learning the gtd sistem and I am very happy with it.
Fanny P.
I have a small, spral top notebook to write my to do list in and I write my list every morning, sitting at my desk (at home, I'm disabled)