Why do you think water is a good start to the day?

Robim A.
It wakes you up and forces you to think and act instead of staying under the covers.

I keep my water in my hydro flask so it’s ice cold and refreshing. The coldness sends that jolt through my body that I really need to get me out of my slumber!

Emma Z.
I think water is essential to start a new day. It keeps us hydrated since we wake up, as we spent too many hours without drinking it and we also will feel fresh.
Marin Q.
I think drinking water is a good way to start the day because it sets the tone of my day. Completing that one task at the beginning of the day helps me start accomplishing my goals immediately and helps me roll through the rest of my routine. It also helps me focus on staying hydrated. That first glass of water keeps hydrating at the front of my mind for the rest of the day. When I don’t start with water, I’m less productive and I don’t drink as much water.
Ida Z.
Mainly it’s because you just slept for 8 hours (hopefully, haha) and even though you might not feel it but your body is dehydrated. Think about it, during the day do you ever go 8 hours without drinking something? Probably not. It’s also a refreshing way to start the morning and helps your brain somehow too (not a Dr so can’t tell ya how :). But it does…