How small micro do you go into when creating your to do list? Do you include your routines in your list?

Kayla O.
No. Only my 3 most important tasks go on my to do list. I may have sub lists for like groceries or prep for something but i try to keep it manageable
Manuel U.
I don't include my routines in my to do list. To me, the routine should become something you don't need to really think about after a bit. Though it is important to list our your routine to give yourself enough time for it, I wouldn't do it every day. I add anything to my to do list that needs to get done that I don't want to forget.
Patsy P.
I vary. I'm established in most routines (clean myself, wash clothes, do dishes etc) so adding these to a to do list makes it dauntingly long. I am specific in some things- what workout I want to accomplish that day, how many chapters of learning I want to do and what room I want to clean deeply and then I have a separate list of long term goals that I can choose to do between daily routines if I have time.
Nicole U.
Keep it seperate! I get overwhelmed easily when I see a big amount of items. I believe the app I use Todoist has a free membership, so I'm able to keep all upcoming and reoccurring dates there while using my physical notebooks to focus on today, then maybe following days, so I can have sharper focus and an idea of priorities. I sometimes write lists over and over and over, so using this system personally helps me. After a broader list, I also like going to a different page and building an outline of subtasks. Overall goal is to clean your home? Project 1 can be "clean bathroom", which be can be checked off after the subtasks like clean toilet, clean shower, mini actions are completed. It definitely makes it more realistic and manageable for me.