I have anxiety starting a task because I can’t focus on seeing the tasks step by step. Any tricks to overcome this?

Samuel P.
I know what you mean, because I feel that too.Sometimes a task seems very difficult and tedious and endless….when I notice my reluctance to get even get started, I set myself tiny mini goals, like ”I’m going to do that for only 15 minutes, or I do this one little part. Oftentimes I stay on and accomplish more than I thought .I think getting started is the hardest part. And you don't have to see all the parts in front of you to get started, just focus on one at the time….
Rose E.
It helps to make a few checklists. One of everything you need to complete a task. One of the steps of the task. It really helps to break it down and checking the boxes helps you see your progress.
Lyam P.
Depends on the task. If it's something a friend/co worker can help you with (and i mean actually help, or do it with you, don't let them do all your work for you) until the anxiety levels out or fades. If not, do one step in the process. Take a five minute breather. Do the next step, and so on, and so forth. Mostly? Have faith in yourself, and forgive yourself when you can't do any of the above. 🙂
Zeni F.
I can’t do anything without writing a list for this exact reason. Even if lists aren’t your thing, sometimes it’s good to give yourself a first step. Something like cleaning up your workspace, opening your computer, etc. This way, you’ve already started
Brita F.
I always break down tasks into small components so I don’t overwhelm myself eg “clean the house” gives me anxiety… so I break it down to wash a load of clothes, cwipe down, vacuum, mop lean clutter… etc makes it more manageable and you can quickly tick off tasks as they’re done in 5-10mins each. You even feel like you’re making progress fast!
Ambre Q.
Meditate & Breath yourself relaxed. Then, with notepad by your side, visualise step by step the way you do something. For example, to make a cup of tea, pour water into the kettle, switch it on to boil, get cup/mug from cupboard, choose tea & put into cup/mug etc. We all live by routines on how we have observed & learnt how to do things. Good luck! X