When your to do list is too long to accomplish do you move things off to address another time in order to add those that need more immediate attention?

Jesse U.
Yes, I put it in a separate to do list dump. Then everyday I choose from that list the top 5 important things I have to do. This keeps me focused on the important tasks and prevents me from being overwhelmed from seeing a list too long.
Bertha Y.
Right now I am trying to make short lists so I can finish task in one day. But if something is left I put it for next day if it is suiting. I do not do lists for later time in the future.
Ludovino E.
Yes I create a long list then do what is able and necessary. I am not being good at following up on things that need to be done the next day.
Brandy U.
I use the David Allen method of 'getting things done' and have lists associated with a place or activity. That way they are specific to my focus away that time and im not worrying about something like cat food when I'm at work.
Craig P.
Yes absolutely get the most important things done and if you can’t complete some of the other stuff just make a note of it so you won’t never do it