How can I record my accomplishments for these to do lists?

Olinda Porto
Tick them off as you go, or write in a separate note what you've done. I like a paper list so I can physically cross it off and see how much I've done.

Moritz Häußler
I use apps in tandem with Fabulous. I use Things which is an amazing and simple to-do list app. I also write in a journal every day. I use grid diary for that. I’ve found these two apps are the best way to record your journey.

Alexis Jackson
If you would like to record your to-do lists, I would suggest keeping track on a calendar. Put a slash on the days that you complete all of your routines, or give yourself one slash per routine completed.

Diana Jenkins
Well that’s a great question! Here’s a way that might have a chance of helping and has a pretty low risk of hurting you. At the end of the day, leave a journal beside you bed and take a minute once you have climbed in bed to rate the day in a scale and then rate how well you accomplished the tasks you set for yourself that day. Take a moment to reflect on the areas of your life that you are avoiding and that are crying out for you to pay attention to them in the form of felt anxiety.

Daryl Hansen
I put up my weekly goals on a white out board. Then draw arrows and writ the smaller tasks. I put a line through the small tasks and when I finish a big task I line it out. At the end of the week week there I always something left to be done, but when i see that in the face of how much I got done, I feel proud

Elizabeth Graves
Dont cross things out, write check Mark's next to the tasks you've completed. That way, you can see everything youve done.

Kenzi Meyer
I can record accomplishments by journaling. I could also have charts for weight loss or the number of bad mental days versus the good ones.

Terrence Reynolds
There is a habit you can add that I check off once complete, and I got a notebook like they suggested to keep track of my to do's for the day.

George Pearson
J can record my accomplisments for these to do list writing a personal diary where i can tell my feelings, difficulties and accoumplishment