I’d like to ask other members about their rituals. How do they set theirs and what does that look like?

Mathias W.
I think about my current routines and find goals that can be incorporated without too much disruption such as cycling to work.
Rafael O.
I follow what the Fabulous app recommends then add some regular rituals from my to do list. My to do list is similar in certain way.
Fabio Q.
I've been using The Fabulous for over two years now, and have finished a few journeys. It's been part of a greater attempt at building self esteem and changing my life, and I definitely have much better habits these days. I'm proud of how far I've come.

For me, the rituals come partially from the recommended steps in the particular in-app Journey I'm on, sure. But I also read self help books, try to follow empowering social media accounts, and am in therapy and actively have habits I'm trying to fix or build in. I try not to go overboard and fix everything at once, but grow steadily with my habits and changing my mindset. Some habits from a particular journey I delete from my checklist because they're so ingrained or unnecessary to do anymore.

I think a big part of it is being forgiving and constantly re-evaluating how things are going. It can be tempting for me to ignore stuff when I start missing goals, but constantly checking in with apps or calendars or a professional has been good for building up focus and rearranging goals/rituals necessary.

Over the years, my lifestyle has changed dramatically too. re-evaluating has been absolutely necessary for moving around my habits as my scheduling and lifestyle kinda needs change. I meditate on the bus home instead of before work now that I work earlier shifts. Things like that.