How do you make sure you don’t forget to do your to do list?

Suzanne F.
The 3 steps are quite easy to remember. And if I don’t succeed in performing them one day, I just move it to meh next. I use a physical book to write down my lists.
Willie Q.
It’s best to work my planner as part of my AM routine – after Meds and cup of water on rising but but before Exercise routine. Also check all open collections. TBD is the best time for journaling: AM / start of day or PM/end of day
Selim A.
When I first started making to do lists I made sure everything on it was attainable, nessisary, and in line with my goals. Keep your to-do list with you. It's always by my side so when I get distracted from my task I check with my to-do list to get back on track. This doesn't mean you have to be a slave to it, just make sure you're being productive and getting what needs to be done. You may also have other bad habits that are making you forget the tasks you want to get done, such as social media or video games, and to overcome that you can do one of three things: Increase self discipline, limit or set a specific time for them, or delete them entirely (which was all that seemed to work on my case).
Albert Z.
I have a regular calendar item to review and schedule to dos every Sunday. It’s my planning for the next week.

Using that time I check off what I have done, organise todos that are yet to be categorized and schedule time over the next week for specific focus areas.

Alexia T.
I use the Reminder App on my phone and have an alarm set for a specific time each day. I set this reminder alarm the night before while setting my wake up alarm, so I don't forget.
Chester X.
usuall I write on the sticky note and put at a place where I can easily see it. Always go back to the list and tick off once you've done that one activity so that you will keep updated things you should do next.
Earl Z.
I make sure to never put my notebook away. I leave it open on my desk where I can see it every morning. That way I see it immediately and remember to do it. That’s just how I do it though. You could put it right next to the water on a night stand as well. Drink the water and write the to do list right when you wake up. I hope that helps a little.
Marc Z.
A reminder alarm is a good first step. Also continually revisiting the list to make it more interesting and applicable to what you want to achieve with the time and energy you have will increase your familiarity with the list and ensure that it becomes part of your subconscious. Once it’s in your subconscious, it’s part of you…